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What Does Los Cabos Mean?

Literally, Los Cabos means the capes, which is a high point of land that extends out into the water, but the name actually refers to the two “Cabos,” San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, the sister cities that make up the region. When you look at where Los Cabos is located on a map, you’ll see that it sits where the land meets the sea, and the craggy rock formation called Land’s End juts out into the water. 

Is San Jose del Cabo the Same as Cabo San Lucas?

No matter what language you speak, you’ll hear a few different names for this destination thrown around, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Cabo, and San Jose del Cabo, which raises a lot of questions.  is San Jose del Cabo the same town of Cabo San Lucas?  What about Cabo? Los Cabos refers to the entire municipality at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, which includes both the city of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and Cabo San Lucas is often shortened to just Cabo. Visiting both cities is one of the best options for what to do in Los Cabos, and as you explore, you’ll experience more of the local culture.

Do they accept US Dollars as currency?

As being Tourism the main activity in the Destination and about 70% of Tourist travel from USA are the most used currency is US Dollars, however if you go to small stores maybe only Pesos will be accepted, we encourage you to check upon arriving the Exchange rate then you can have an idea what the exchange will be on the streets.

Is Los Cabos Dangerous?

There are definitely areas in Mexico where gang fights and petty crime are more common, but Los Cabos is consistently considered one of the safest cities in Mexico. The community is invested in making sure visitors feel welcome and secure, and following common safety tips, like taking secure transportation at night and leaving valuables in your resort safe, will help you avoid any accidents.


What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Los Cabos?

The best time it really depends on your personal preferences and favorite activities. Summer is the best season for scuba diving, and with fewer tourists, beaches and restaurants are less crowded. While there are plenty of ways to cool off, the summer heat can be too much for some travelers. Winter has mild temperatures, and migrating humpback and grey whales can be spotted off the coast between December and March. If whale watching is on your list of what to do in Los Cabos, book a winter vacation.

The worst time we will say is September its hot and it’s hurricane season, and being honest we do get hit every other year with a major Cat # 4 Hurricane.

Are Los Cabos Beaches Swimmable?

Strong currents are one reason people think Los Cabos is dangerous. At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, which can make the water dangerous at times. Because the water looks so refreshing and tempting, you’ll soon be asking “Are Los Cabos beaches swimmable?” Thankfully, Palmilla Beach in San Josee and the famous Medano Beach, the main beach in town where most hotels are located, is a safe beach for swimming. Lover’s Beach, Chileno Beach, Santa Maria Beach are also good spots for splashing in the water.

What are the Best Options for Where to Stay in Los Cabos?

it really depends on the crew that you are travelling with, if is a solo person and you are looking to party and be more active in tours and activities, we suggest Cabo San Lucas is where the nightlife takes place as well of most water activities.

If you are looking for quiet and more family activities oriented or a couple travelling for high end meals, history, art, peace and quiet then San Jose del Cabo is for you.

If you wish to combine both and golf maybe daily then The Tourist Corridor is the perfect location, both to commute for activities or just to relax.

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