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Los Cabos, started as a small fishing village to become Mexico’s # 1 Beach Destination.

A bit of history and Information: Los Cabos is the commercial name of the 3 Capes, first is San Jose del Cabo where the Mission Church founded in 1730 is Located and is also were the main International Airport (SJD) is located.

San Jose is a small quaint Town that attracts more families because of it’ charm, peace, and tranquility, famous for it’s Art Walk hosted on Winter at the main downtown streets were most great restaurants are located, Downtown San Jose is the paradise for a foodie lover.

Our second Cabo is Cabo San Lucas, famous for its Iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas also known as the Land’s End (Fin de la Tierra) since is the last piece of land on the Baja South Peninsula

Also Cabo San Lucas busy night life town that also hosts the World’s biggest and richest fishing tournament of the World.

Our third Cabo is the East Cape world know by it’s great fishing, hiking, thermal waters and it hosts the Worlds most famous kite surfing tournament. '' The combination of the three Capes makes the name of our beautiful LOS CABOS, Destination''.

More destinations in Los Cabos that are also worth to explore, is Todos Santos located at only 1 hour drive towards La Paz, Todos Santos is were currently most farming takes place, back in the early days their produce was mostly imported, now days is also consumed and distributed locally, Todos Santos is now famous for high-end farm to table Restaurants but before that Todos Santos got famous because of the Eagles song Hotel California that is located here.

Todos Santos is a unique small town that is well worth the ride and spend your day, eating, shopping and on season surfing is great too.

La Paz at 2 hours drive from San Jose is our Capital city of the Baja South, Mission was founded in 1733, La Paz is famous for the ecological protected areas such as the Balandra Beach , Espiritu Santo Bay and is world know for it’s shark whale tours in season.

Los Cabos is a unique, place full of History, traditions and it has an array of activities, from water sport, golf, trail hiking, surfing, swimming, whale watching or just to relax and enjoy of the sun in your resort of Villa.


San Jose del Cabo, Tourist Corridor, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos , East Cape and La Paz are waiting for you to visit us.

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Our Vacation Rentals, are all selected according to our guests needs, ensuring they are offered the very best experience during their vacation. 


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